Curt Owen Music has played venues in San Diego and throughout Southern California. If you want an accomplished and experienced musician to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for your patrons, this is the singer-songwriter for you.

Why Choose Curt Owen Music?

To create the right vibe for your bar or club, you need an experienced entertainer who knows how to read a crowd and make an emotional impact. Curt has the equal ability to make your audience laugh with joy or cry to a heartfelt melody. And he can get people on the dancefloor as well.

Curt also has all of his own professional sound equipment, so he’s ready for any type of stage or setup area. If you would prefer an acoustic duo, Curt can bring along a talented acoustic bass player. This gives you yet another layer of appeal for audiences of every age. Eclectic influences result in Curt playing tunes from the expected (like Jack Johnson) to the unexpected for an acoustic musician (Usher), and he does it all in his own unique style that audiences adore.

Hire the Right Solo Artist for Your Bar or Nightclub

Curt Owen Music is ready and willing to perform at just about any venue in southern California, so get your establishment on the calendar today. To inquire about Curt’s availability, you can call 619-944-5749 or submit a booking request online. We also invite you to customize the experience by requesting specific genres and songs that you know your patrons enjoy.